Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump

Medela Mini Electric breast pump offers optimal comfort for expressing breast milk at home or on the go.
Medela Mini Electric breast pump is ideal for short-term and occasional use (Approx 2 times a day). It is easy to assemble, to use and to clean. Furthermore, it has gentle and efficient expression as it provides full range adjustable vacuum that allows you to adjust you to your comfort level.
In addition, Medela Mini Electric supports electric or battery-powered (mains adapter included). It allows mothers to express their breast milk at anywhere anytime, if electricity is not available or battery power is low, it can be converted to manual pump.
Bottle made of polypropylene, the safest plastic for storing breastmilk comes together with this brestpump. This shows the care of Medela to all babies.
Lastly, Medela Mini Electric is also the Winner of various awards and it is rated the best battery/mains operated breast pump by a number of baby magazines.
Interested can call or wassap me sheena at 0198668615 / 0128844580. Email


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