Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump

Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump designed to focus on 7 Key Areas to address breastfeeding mother’s pumping needs .

  • Rumble Tuff breast pump is designed with efficiency vacuum and it is fine tuned to achieve a more effective vacuum power and time interval for both Stimulation and Expression cycle.
    Easy To Use

  • Rumble Tuff Breast Pump functions control is simplified to less than 3 steps. Mother can control the functions easily. Besides, the memory function allow your to set your pumping pattern.

  • This duo breast pump allows mother to control the vacuum power through the Vacuum Adjustment Wheel. Mother can tune it to the vacuum level the feel most comfortable.

  • Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump itself without accessories is weight at 350grams (0.35kg). It comes with Manual-Pump Diaphragm kit allowing mother to convert into manual pumping in case of electricity power failure or other power options are absented.
    Lower Noise Level

  • This breast pump has a lower Noise Level compare to some Major Brands at its same range and technology. But NOT as quiet as Spectra DEW350, Ameda and ARDO
    Quality Assurance

  • Rumble Tuff appreciates the trust customers place on their hand to benefit customers’ precious baby. Rumble Tuff uses the safest materials (Such as BPA-FREE) to produce their breast pump and tested every breast pump before it leaves their factory.
    Choices Of Life

  • Rumble Tuff understands that their customers come from all walk of life. Thus, the breast pump they designed ensure mothers are able to use it in different kind of environments, allowing mother to use AC adapter or AA Battery (4 x AA Batteries – Battery Not Included When Your Purchase).
    Items available in the breast pump box

  • Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump Motor (~0.35kg) x 1
  • Expression Collection (Breast Shield Set) x 2
  • Manual Diaphragm (Convert To Manual Pump) x 1
  • Bottle Adapter Kit x 2
  • AC Adapter x 1
  • Tubing with duo adapter x 1
  • Valve And O-Ring x 2
  • Non Woven Bag x 1
  • Rumble Tuff User Manual x 1
This breast pump is entitled 1 year warranty 

Interested can call or wassap me sheena at 0198668615 / 0128844580. Email

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