Spectra DEW 350 Breast Pump + Extra Breastshield set

It comes with Silicone Massager for comfort and 2 filters for minimize the risk of back flow.
Besides, this package comes with Extra Spectra Extra Breast Shield Set for you to do double pumping.

Spectra DEW 350 Outstanding Features:

  1. HIGH suction power
    • shorter period for expressing breast milk
    • helps to draw out inverted nipples

  2. Quiet operation even at maximum power
    • quiet and pleasant pumping thus minimizing disturbance to mother and baby

  3. Double pumping (option) recommended
    • reduce pumping time by 30% to 50%
    • increase milk production and accelerate milk ejection reflex

  4. Automatic suck-and-release rhythm
    • simulates an infant’s suction rhythm for a more natural expression of breast milk

  5. Adjustable suction power
    • maximize milk production while accommodating to your comfort suction power level

  6. Wide cap adapter
    • for use with wide neck feeding bottle

  7. Cool & Sweet colour
    • body with pink and red knob
This breast pump is entitled 6 months warranty given by HISTOPOINT (M) SDN BHD.

This breast pump is entitled 1 year warranty 

Interested can call or wassap me sheena at 0198668615 / 0128844580. Email -sheenaeshoptrading@gmail.com

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