Advance Korea Durable Super Ice Pack

Inject water up to maximum 750ml. You may decide the size of the ice pack. If you wish to have 500ml, just inject 500cc water into it before use.
The injected water will turn into gel like. Frozen the ice pack in the freezer for 8-12 hours before use.
It is suitable for working and traveling nursing mom to keep their breast milk chill and fresh for more than 16 hours with 2 Korea Super Durable ice packs.
Tested an ice pack with 750ml water and an ice pack with 350ml water can keep the milk cool for 16 hours in insulated cooler bag. You can create the ice pack in your preferred size for the first used, and the size will remain unchanged in future. The more water you inject the longer the ice pack can keep the cold, but if too much water injected the ice pack will puncture faster.

Specifications and Features

  • 100% NON TOXIC
  • Reusable for cold use
  • Maintain long-time low temperature.
  • Fit for cold storing transportation, keeping food and your breast milk fresh
  • High grade polymer material.
  • Space saving and fordable.
  • Affordable
  • Long duration of life.
  • Cooling effect lasts longer than other insulators. Up to 16 hours or more.
  • Size and capacity easily changed by adjusting the amount of water at initial.
  • Special designed with in-house “cool running system” technique

  • Length:23cm
  • Width:16cm

  • This item is for cool use only. Do not place in microwave oven or other heating elements
  • Discontinue use and discard pack when punctured

Interested can call or whatsapp me at 0198668615/0128844580 or email me at 


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