Fabulous Mom Post Partum Tummy Binder *Bengkung*(Nude)

New & Improved Design & Material
A wrap designed to assist you in bringing your body back to its former beauty and proportion after child birth.
  • Helps with minimizing swelling and adds abdominal support and comfort after C-Section or even normal birth.
  • Helps a woman return to her normal activities and wardrobe sooner.
  • Helps with minimizing stretch marks.
  • Light, cool and gentle on skin and not visible under clothing.
  • You can put it on by yourself – it has extra hook and eye strap to let the binder stay in place around your body, that you can buckle up the rest of the hook and eye conveniently.
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Made from imported material which has lots of pinholes to offer complete breathability for maximum comfort.
  • Extender (optional and not included) is available to prolong its usage lifetime.

  • S = 24″ – 28″
  • M = 28″ – 32″
  • L= 32″ – 36″
  • XL= 36″ – 40″
  • XXL= 40″ – 44″
Size is determined by waist size.
Choose Your Options:-


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