Triumph Postpartum Pelvic Binder

Pregnant women produces a variety of hormones, hormones soften the pelvic ligaments which help to smooth the childbirth process. Some of the pelvic bones will become loosen and some times will be separated during delivery.
After delivery, many mothers encountered back pain, pubic pain, hip pain, sciatica. Japan Society of the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology, studies have shown: that causes the pain associated with pubic symphysis relaxation and pelvic relaxation. Postpartum pelvic binder can help in the recovery of pelvic bone after delivery.
Triumph Postpartum Pelvic Binder can be worn after 1-2 weeks of delivery to ensure the better recovery on pelvic. The most effective is from 1 weeks to 6 months after delivery.
This pelvic binder is made of soft and breathable materials to provide most comfort to mothers.
There are 2 sizes:
Choose Your Options:-
Sizes: L

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